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Café de Dokter


Open since 1798 and the dust on the lamps is also since that year

Rozenboomsteeg 4, closed at sunday and monday

Café “De Dokter”, people use to say “Het Doktertje”, is founded on the 2.th of September 1798 by a surgeon of the hospital nearby “Binnengasthuis”and from that year on it was a pub by the family Beems. The sixth generation, Jannie and Jan Beems run this pub now for already fourty years.

After the start it became the local pub of the doctors and medical students of the City University nearby. Since thirty years this hospital is closed together with the “Wilhelmina Gasthuis”and both this hospitals became the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) at the edge of the city.

The Doctor is the smallest pub in Amsterdam and messures 18 m2. It has a unique atmosphere and decoration, with always the background music of jazz (Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday and the great saxplayers of this time. A number of these famous artists and musicians knew how to find the Doctor through the years.

The Doctor is situated right in the inner city of Amsterdam, between the Spui with te Beguinehof and the Old City Orphanage, dating the Middleages, on one side, and Dam square, the former “Binnengasthuis”and the Allard Pierson Museum (Museum of old cultures) on the other side.