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The Noordermarkt op Zaterdag (Northern Market on Saturday) is one of the most attractive in town. On this historical marketplace the past and modern times meet each other. Some 350 years ago you could have seen famous painter Rembrandt van Rijn strolling around here. The market is held on a picturesque square overlooked by the tower of the Noorderkerk, a church built in 1623. The Noordermarkt is the core of the Jordan, the most lively area of Old Amsterdam.

Every Saturday the Noordermarkt is the sparkling heart of Amsterdam. A market which attracts visitors from all over the world. Shopping in Amsterdam means visiting the Noordermarkt on Saturday. Colorful, fascinating, and with international allure. To be here on Saturdays is a true feast for your eyes and taste. Just walk along the stalls, look and feel, and be surprised by the amazing diversity of items. Antiques, curiosities, earrings, collars, rings, ‘jewelry’, sunglasses, Oriental rugs, clothes, art objects, kitsch, contemporary design, posters and paintings, rare old books, LP records, CD’s, DVD’s… it’s all there and at affordable prices!

Adjacent there’s the Bio-food market with a variety of sustainably produced products. Meat, cheese, fruits, drinks. But there’s more: just around the corner you’ll find the Lindengracht Market with fresh food, clothes, footwear etc. Pure fun-shopping.

Tired? At the Noordermarkt as well in the small streets of the Jordan area you can relax in many coffee & tea salons, authentic Amsterdam cafes, brasseries and restaurants. A lot of boutiques and other special shops will complete this unique ‘Saturday’ experience.