Sla  (saladbar) mei05


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Sla (saladbar)

We’re into food.
What’s in it, how it grows.
In moderation, or abundance.
On a plate, or in bare hands.

With fresh juice, local beer, fair espresso or a grassy tea.
Whether steaming hot, or freezing cold.
Just what feels right.
We prefer fresh, organic and packed with flavor.

We’re into food that moves us.
Makes us smile, share and speak.
We’re into food as into life.
Maximizing its potential.


SLA Middenweg

Middenweg 55B-H
1098AD Amsterdam

SLA Utrechtsestraat

Utrechtsestraat 10hs
1017 VN Amsterdam

SLA Zuidas

Claude Debussylaan 35
1082 MC, Amsterdam

SLA Westerstraat

Westerstraat 34
1015 MK, Amsterdam

SLA Ceintuurbaan

Ceintuurbaan 149
1072 GB, Amsterdam