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The Harbour Club

We would like to welcome you to The Harbour Club. In front of you, you will find our menu where you will find an excellent selection of over 80 dishes. We are confident that you will find plenty to choose from. For instance, we serve fresh fish, sushi, sashimi & oysters. Or, if you prefer meat, The Harbour Club has a wide variety of different options.
However, before you make your choice we would like to tell you more about the origin of our products. ‘Social Responsibility’ & ‘Sustainability’ are notions that almost everybody has heard of nowadays. The Harbour Club is no exception and we also contribute to sustainable entrepreneurship.
All our dishes are prepared with a passion for the trade & a respect for nature & the environment. With this in mind we expect the same from our suppliers & that is why they have all been selected on the basis of their sustainable & social responsible production methods.
In our dishes we like to make use of, among others, fresh fish caught in a sustainable manner and that are awarded with the MSC quality label.
All of our meat products are also certified: ‘’Greenious’’. This stands for meat that has been produced with great attention paid to animal wellbeing & respect for the environment.
We hope to impress you this evening with our hospitality, sparkling atmosphere,
stylish interior & excellent culinary art.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask a member of our staff as they will be willing to assist you with whatever it is that you need.