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Lady Di

Halfway down the nineties, three friends bought the Lady Di painting made by the Dutch rock singer and painter Herman Brood. Brood has a couple of big hits on his name in the Netherlands. Hits like “Saturday Night” and “Still Believe”.
The rock legend, who passed away in 2001, was mostly active as a painter during the last years of his life. Brood was very successful with this as well and also abroad. People like Bono even visited Brood’s gallery. “I’m not a big fan of Brood’s art”, says Richard, who is one of the three owners. I got a tip from a friend. He called me and told me that there was a beautiful painting hanging in Brood’s gallery; a portrait of Lady Diana. Since my work was right across that gallery, I walked over there immediately. I thought it was really cool but I could also see the investment value. I made a phone call with the two friends that I’ve made several investments with and they agreed to invest without even seeing the painting.
The next day I stopped by to finalize the purchase. I noticed that Herman still had to sign the painting and he did that in front of me. The next day, the painting was already hanging in one of our houses. Since then we are taking turns having the painting. The painting has barely been hanging in Brood’s gallery and this also explains why nobody knows it.
When, in the beginning of this year, there was an exposition of Brood’s work, I also told the conservator that Brood’s most beautiful piece was not hanging there. He was shocked. Since then we have been in touch with representatives of Brood’s family. We have let them know that in our opinion, the painting can be exhibited in the future so that other people can admire the painting as well.